New York Daily News Revamps Its Mobile App

Just in time for a weekend predicated on breaking BBQ news.

During the month of May, some 60 million unique visitors clicked over to Per Google Analytics stats provided to us by the paper, 88 percent of these visitors were U.S.-based and 48 percent used mobile devices.

Starting today on iOS and soon on Android devices, those mobile users can surf the paper’s content via a new version of the paper’s mobile App, designed in partnership with four32C. Located on West 26th Street, four32C has worked with a  variety of other media clients including Rolling Stone, USA Today and Teen Vogue. From today’s announcement:

The App also presents new opportunities for advertisers, via custom sponsorship and high impact large-scale ad units. “This cutting-edge application is designed not only to bring a better experience to our users but an enhanced value to advertisers,” said Daily News CEO Bill Holiber. “We are proud to offer this optimized mobile experience.”

Those advertisers include Dunkin’ Donuts, which has a splash ad running. Another intriguing stat from the Google Analytics end is that less than 10 percent of Daily News digital readers come from New York’s Designated Market Area (DMA). That’s not a bad thing; just a reminder that the newspaper business has long since left the Elm Street front porch.