Daily News Drags Ireland Baldwin Through Some Very Old Mud

DailyNewsFront_11_18Who, we wonder, is ultimately responsible for the first sentence of the article credited to Ryan Sit and Daniel Beekman? Did the reporters craft the lede, or was it – as it sort of feels like when reading – added in by their editors to support an equally offensive front page today:

This “little pig” has a roast beef with folks ridiculing her dad.

The paper is rightly taking heat for framing Alec Balwin‘s supportive daughter Ireland with this sordid, circa TMZ-2007 reference. Shame on them, say commenters to a Huffington Post article by associate media editor Catherine Taibi:

wandylou: While I think Baldwin needs to rein in his anger… Why would the NYDN sink so low to put his daughter with those words on the cover? If that were my daughter, you bet your life I’d be pissed. Exploiting the kids to spite Baldwin… Not cool.

Cameron Yarborough: “Little Pig”? Staff at the Daily News are sicker than Alec Baldwin.

proudloudlib: That is despicable! Why would you want to cause this child to relive one of the worst events of her lifetime, one that she has obviously worked very hard to get past? I just can’t find any reason for such venom, no matter how you feel about her father.

The Daily News would do well to apologize for this. Just think for a moment how nonsensical it is, on top of basic decency, to frame a story about a controversial slur by recycling another insult in sensational headline form.

Update (7:25 pm.):
Following a re-tweet related to this FishbowlNY item, Ireland took another look at the NYDN coverage and shared the following message via Instagram:

I’ve dealt with a lot this past week. This has been a particularly rough week for many reasons. When I saw this earlier today, I didn’t really give two shits about it. I thought the little pigs children’s fable reference was a clever touch. When I revisited this article, I saw it for what it really is. Everyone tells me to stop paying attention to what others are saying, but it’s hard. This hurts. I am a human being, believe it or not. I am also not a celebrity. This is not what I would ever want to be known for.

I am so tempted to delete my Twitter and all other social media outlets, but I won’t because the small following of loyal friends I have, has been one of the greatest support systems that I could ever ask for. Thousands of strangers that feel as though I’ve known all of them my entire life. I did not STAND UP for my father. It is never right to treat people the way that he has.

I simply wanted to show my support for my family. No matter what, my dad is my dad and he is the only one I will ever have. He may have made some wrong choices, but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving his side. The past is past and the Daily News are a bunch of cowards for revisiting my past. In the end, I feel nothing but sorry for them. If any of the reporters there even had children or families to love, I’m sure they would understand where I’m coming from. Out of all of the BREAKING news going on in our country or let alone around the world, they were desperate enough to put me on the cover? ME. Not Batkid? Nothing positive? Just an article about silly old me? This definitely shows how troubled and pathetic the media can be. Well, that’s the last I’m saying on this entire situation. Like everything else in this life, this too shall pass.

The Daily News could have said that I have “a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina” (Mean Girls reference) on their front page, and that couldn’t bring me down either. Thank you to everyone who have all been so supportive through all of this and please pray that my puppy heals after having been attacked this past week!