A Comic Con-founding Social Media Move

By now, you may have heard about a misguided bit of high-tech media registration business that went down at New York Comic Con on Thursday and into the early hours of Friday, before being wisely suspended. We could summarize, but in this case we’ll let Jill Scharr, a writer for Tom’s Guide US, tell you exactly what it felt like:

Many people, including this reporter, activated their Comic Con badges using a social media account and were surprised yesterday to find posts to their Twitter feeds that they themselves hadn’t written. Examples included “Best four days of my life!” or “Getting my daily dose of #NYCC!” with an attached link to NYCC’s Facebook page.

Other users found unauthorized posts to their Facebook pages from Comic Con.

The Twitter co-opting began when members of the press arrived at the Javits Center Thursday afternoon. A rep for the event told Tom’s Guide “we were probably too enthusiastic in our messaging…” Uh, that’s one way to put it. Another might be that the PR folks here donned capes and embraced the mantra, “Faster than speeding bullsh*t.”