Four North Carolina Kids, One Crazy New York Summer

Summertime… and the modeling was easy. For the cover of apparel and fashion industry trade magazine Earnshaw’s, Gap Kids, Little MisMatched and many more.

Per a wonderful write-up in the Charlotte Observer, here’s how it has gone so far in 2014 for mother of four Terri Murray and her children ages two through nine. In January, she signed the kids up with a local North Carolina agent; in February, she added NYC representation; and in May-June, she and the brood came to town with a nanny in tow for what turned out to be a six-week bookings bonanza. Even the spark for all this is a keeper:

The journey started in January, when Murray’s nine-year-old daughter, Peyton, left a tearful message on Murray’s cellphone. “I want to be on TV. Will you help me?” Peyton pleaded in the message, emotional after watching TV and deciding it was her calling…

“I wanted to teach Peyton that if you have a dream, you go for it,” Terri Murray says. “Why not shoot for the moon? Go big with your dreams.”

Just how sweet did it get this summer for the Murray clan? At one point, Italian Vogue flew in a hairstylist to prepare Peyton for a fashion spread. Murray’s seven-year-old son Chase logged work on Boardwalk Empire, an HBO series pilot and two big-budget movies.

Those two eldest were back in New York in late August for a Lifetime movie and shoot with fashion photographer Gina Kim. Peyton is adding a third agent, in Atlanta. Read the rest of Observer reporter Cristina Bolling’s article here.

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