New Years At Elaine’s and Swifty’s


Quest editor and FishbowlNY friend David Patrick Columbia spent New Years eve on the Upper East Side shutling between Swifty’s and Elaine’s. From NYSocialdiary:

”Fifteen blocks north Elaine’s was having its annual New Year’s dinner/bash with Elaine presiding of course, over her brood of famous and legendary regulars.

”The evening had been sold out for days. So many people wanted to get in that they had to lock the doors. A celebrity-filled crowd — a cross-section of New York ‘movers and shakers’ congregating in the ‘Elaine’s’ fashion — shifting from one table to another wishing peace, joy, and good health to old friends and new … The crowd felt totally at home, as they always do. It’s like a cozy private club where all your great friends show up and talk/ debate/ schmooze/ celebrate/ console the evening away. A jazz and rhythm-and-blues band played through the night, and everybody danced into the wee of hours. Elaine never looked happier; she was in her glory.”

Among the revelers: Charlie Rose (see image), Dominic Chianese of The Soprano’s, author Stuart Woods, artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude and Christopher Cerf.

(image via nysocialdiary)