New Yahoo! Mobile Web Portal (left); (right)
Yahoo! announced their redesigned mobile web portal earlier this week. I finally got around to taking a look at it. The screenshots above are from my iPod touch. But, the website should render fine on most browsers.
The current (old) simpler text site is still available at:
You can see what part of the looks like in the left screenshot above. The new more graphical mobile portal is found at:
You can see part of its main page on the right screenshot above. The redesigned Yahoo! mobile home page lets you aggregate services like email in one place. It can, for example, work with Hotmail, Gmail and AOL Mail as well as Yahoo! Mail. Its Social Pulse can gather information from FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, LastFM and other services for viewing in a single location.
You can find more information about it at…
Yahoo! Mobile Web