New Yahoo! Mobile Friendly Web Design Gets a Thumbs Up


I’ve often said here that Yahoo!’s mobile friendly websites is one of my favorite web portals for mobile devices. So, I was very pleased to learn that…

Yahoo Mobile site gets iPhone overhaul, syncing

The article goes on and on talking about starting at at and then getting redirected to But, here’s what I found: If you point the iPhone’s Safari browser at, you see the conventional desktop view. The bizarre (I’ve never seen an “m” prepended to “www”) also takes you to the desktop site. What works is what you see in the Safari address bar right in the CNET article’s screenshot:

And, as the rest of the article (which is accurate for everything but the URL) says, the new mobile friendly site has a nice clean design. Good to see one of the (now) grand old web companies producing a superior mobile product.