New Wildfire templates optimize Facebook content, promotions for any device

Social media software company Wildfire Interactive announced a new class of responsive design templates that enable brands to create Facebook campaigns that work across mobile and other devices.

Tab applications continue to lose relevance as users increasingly access the social network on mobile devices where third-party tabs are not supported and Facebook removed the default landing tab option for pages. Wildfire lets companies develop one experience that can be rendered on a Facebook canvas page or within the social network’s mobile browser. This allows pages to make posts that link to content optimized for whichever device someone is using.

Wildfire says Facebook itself used its new templates to build the registration experience for the fMC event held for marketers on Wednesday. Cirque du Soleil is also using the templates for a new promotion.

Companies can design responsive applications and landing pages themselves, but Wildfire offers templates that can be customized and deployed often in shorter turnaround times. One of the templates now optimized for mobile and tablet is a shopping gallery (pictured right).

We expect a number of application development companies to start offering this type of functionality. We believe tab apps are being phased out by Facebook, but canvas, mobile and web integrations will continue to grow in importance. With Sponsored Stories beginning to appear in the mobile News Feed, advertisers will need to ensure users can take the intended action from any device.

Wildfire also announced Wednesday a new migration tool that helps brands migrate content from existing pages to the new Timeline format, which will be mandatory for all pages as of March 30.