New Way to Donate Without Spending Money

Despite the fact that its name reminds me of gum, Charifree is a brilliant application that allows users to utilize their social network on Facebook to raise money for their favorite charity without actually having to donate any money.

Nope… you don’t need to solicit money from your friends. In fact, you don’t even need to spam them at all! Although, you might want to!

Charifree allows you to vote for your favorite charity. The pool of money earned through donations and sponsorships will be split amongst the top five charities each month in the following way:

#1: 30% of donation pool
#2: 25%
#3: 20%
#4: 15%
#5: 10%

I say you may be tempted to invite your friends because by doing so you can inspire them to vote for your charity of choice. Also, more users will obviously garner more sponsorships.

I can’t tell right now how much the application has raised so far, but I’m assuming it’s relatively low and that once there is some real money flowing we will see real-time updates of the tally. I’m not concerned though, because I’m absolutely positive that if we do our part and sign up, there are tons of companies who would see the benefit in sponsoring such a program.

Also, they seem to still think they’re in the running for the fbFund seed money. If they are, I think they have a good shot. Good luck to them! I think it’s a fantastic idea. If you sponsor the app let me know… and good for you!

They’re apparently working on U.S. charitable status right now, and are asking people who would like to volunteer or sponsor the app to contact them.

– Jonathan Kleiman runs the law blog

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