New WaPo Ombudsman Takes a Sunny Stance

WaPo‘s new ombudsman Patrick Pexton has only written one column, but so far, at least in comparison to his predecessor Andy Alexander, he’s emanating optimism.

As Alexander was largely sharp in his criticism of The Post, Pexton’s first article is glowing in its praise of the paper’s Egypt coverage. He starts with the story of WaPo photographer Linda Davidson, who was detained and interrogated in Egypt while attempting to take pictures of a Cairo morgue.

Pexton writes: “The Post‘s coverage of the turmoil in the Middle East has been exemplary because people like Davidson are risking their lives to bring readers the images and words of revolution.”

To his credit, he acknowledges the positive nature of his first column: “I’m sure some readers will worry that my first column as the Post‘s ombudsman is positive. But I think good work should be praised. Emulation of the good improves a publication as much as avoidance of the bad, about which I’ll have plenty of occasion to write.”

A note: WaPo‘s Ombudsman Blog still very much belongs to Alexander. The masthead features his picture despite his leaving the position last month and the tagline of the blog still says “Andrew Alexander gives voice to reader concerns about The Post.” The blog hasn’t been updated since January. Get on it, WaPo.