New Version of DroidDream Light Malware Found in Apps in the Android Market

Android’s huge success in capturing a large proportion of smartphone users has made it an attractive target for malware developers. Mobile security firm Lookout reports a new version of the DroidDream Light malware was detected in the following applications in the Android Market:

– Quick FallDown
– Scientific Calculator
– Bubble Buster
– Best Compass & Leveler Note: There is legitimate application that has a package name similar to that of Best Compass & Leveler. The Trojanized application capitalizes the package name (i.e., while the legitimate application does not (i.e.

Security Alert: New DroidDream Light Variant Published to Android Market

Lookout claims that their free Lookout Mobile Security app can protect devices against this new malware version. The firm also provides a free cleaning app for this specific malware: DroidDream Cleaner

Via CNET: More malware targeting Android

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