New Twitter: The Ultimate Hub For Online Video Referrals?

Back in May, TubeMogul released data suggesting that Twitter was emerging as a powerhouse for online video referrals, with an average monthly growth far surpassing that of Google, Yahoo! and Facebook. This month, they confirmed that Twitter was still on the rise in this department. However, I think that the true power of Twitter as a hub for online video referrals will truly be revealed once the New Twitter is officially rolled out to the entire Twitter community. The New Twitter could cement Twitter’s place as the new hub for online video referrals.

Twitter is already growing at a much faster rate, in terms of online video referrals, than any other service on the web. Back in May, TubeMogul statistics showed that Twitter’s stream referrals were growing at a rate of 28.24%, while Yahoo! referrals were growing at a rate of 9.07%, Facebook referrals were growing at a rate of 6.73% and Google referrals were growing at an insignificant rate of 0.003%. Additional data released this month by TubeMobul and Brightcove reiterated that, “Referral traffic for online video from Facebook and Twitter [is] growing faster than search engines.”

The New Twitter lets users view video streams directly from the Twitter interface, meaning that as soon as a user is upgraded to the new version they will be able to watch videos without even having to click to leave the Twitter homepage. I have a feeling that this will entice Twitter users to watch a lot more videos. Viewers can see the video player simply by clicking on a Tweet with a video link included and can then decide whether or not to watch the video once they see the video clip with title, thumbnail and everything. No having to navigate away from a page, no having to put in any extra leg work – I have a feeling this is going to be huge for Twitter’s video referrals.

Let’s also consider the fact that sometimes when a Twitter user shares a video they don’t actually say in their Tweet that it’s a video link. For instance, if someone writes, “This is cool!” with a link, their followers may not care to click and see what this cool link is. With the new Twitter, users will be able to check and see without having to waste time navigating away from the Twitter interface. Pretty sweet, right?

If you don’t have the new Twitter yet, you can see what it looks like in the video below. Has your account been upgraded yet? What do you think the new Twitter means for online video referrals?