Many New Twitter Users Rarely Tweet [STUDY]

According to an AYTM Market Research Study, 42% of Twitter users rarely tweet. It can be tough to figure out how to stand out on Twitter, but learning that this significant silent minority on Twitter may not be participating could be a bit disconcerting for marketers – and could make those influencers who are participating all the more attractive!

The study surveyed 200 Twitter users by asking, “how often do you tweet?” and although the sample size of this study is small – its focus group consisted of 200 participants answering a few questions about their daily Twitter use (so please take this into account when analyzing this data) – its findings are interesting and in line with what we’ve all likely seen from other Twitter users.

Of these study participants, 43% signed up for Twitter within the last 1-2 years. A staggering 31.5% of these users rarely log on to read tweets from those they follow, and 75% of the users surveyed follow less than 100 accounts. And as you can see from the graphic below (and as mentioned in the intro), they’re tweeting pretty infrequently, with 42% claiming to “rarely” tweet. The piece of the study is most surprising considering as of June 2011 there were 200 million tweets generated per day.


Are Twitter users apathetic? Can a comparison be drawn from how long a person’s been using Twitter to how active they are on the network? Is a small portion of the Twitter audience creating the most amount of tweets? Maybe they’re unsure of how frequently they should tweet? More studies analyzing these type of correlations will be extremely helpful in generating a better understanding of how users are really using Twitter.

Download the full study here for more insights about these users, as well as graphs highlighting the results of each question: AYTM Twitter Survey

How would you, as a Twitter user, answer these questions? Do you think people on Twitter prefer not to participate and just read what others have to tweet? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Brian Honigman is the Social Media Account Manager at LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics certified partner that also specializes in social media, search engine optimization and PPC. You can follow him on Twitter @Brian_Honigman or @LunaMetrics.

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