Twitter Testing Expandable Timeline, Threaded Conversations In Design Reboot

Twitter is experimenting with a timeline revamp on, which includes additional features such as threaded conversations and expandable tweets, reports TechCrunch.

The new design has been made available to a small subset of users, and it’s not clear whether this is something that Twitter is just testing, or planning to roll out to everybody.

In the new design, tweets can be opened to reveal additional information (via a new ‘Open’ link), such as retweets, as well as any embedded media such as photos or videos. More satisfyingly, however, the new UI shows replies to that tweet directly below. That’s right: threaded conversations, something I’ve been asking for since way back (and most recently here).

The timeline expands and contracts as you open tweets, as opposed to pushing this information to the right sidebar as does now (making the sidebar pretty redundant – likely it will now show profile information as it did before.) The Retweets, Favorites and Reply icons have also been moved to the top, and only appear when you hover over the tweet.

Pinglio blogger Patrick Bisch is one of the few users seeing the new-look timeline on – here’s his screen cap of these tweet conversations.

HootSuite users have been able to view tweet conversations for a long time now, but it’s long overdue on – one of Twitter’s biggest negatives is how difficult it is to use the platform to maintain a dialogue, certainly over time, and threaded tweets would be a huge leap forward in simplifying this process.

Bisch has also made a video showing how the new UI looks and works.

As above, it’s not yet clear if this is going to be made available to all users. Like millions of others, I’m still waiting to see Twitter’s last user interface redesign, which promised Username and Activity folders back in August. Bottom line? Cool as this new timeline looks, I wouldn’t be holding your breath on seeing it anytime soon.

(Hat tip: TechCrunch, Patrick Bisch. Top image credit: kenjito via Shutterstock.)