Twitter For Windows Phone 3.0 Is Ultra-Customizable

Twitter just introduced a new version of Twitter for Windows Phone with a set of features that users can customize specifically for the Windows platform.

Pretty cool. Below, a feature-by-feature walkthrough of what’s new.

Tweets on your lock screen: Photos and tweets can now be the backdrop of your Windows Phone lock screen. Just add a favorite Twitter account to the “configure lock screen” field in the Twitter app settings and you’ll start seeing the latest tweet at the top of the screen.

Here’s what it looks like:

Quick access to Twitter search: You can now easily access favorite topics by pinning keyword searches to your homescreen. You’ll also get photos, videos, and accounts in your search results in addition to tweets.

Mobile notifications: To activate notifications, go to the Twitter app settings and select your account under “accounts + notifications”. Tap the “favorited” field and choose from “people you follow” or “anyone.” Note that this new feature will be gradually rolled out to users.

Improvements to Discover: Discover will now show recommended accounts to follow, trending topics, and activity happening in your network.

Brand new dark theme: Experience Twitter through either a light or dark theme to fit your mood, lighting or preference.

More languages: You can now choose from 54 supported languages in the app settings and get tweets translated in your timeline (powered, of course, by Bing).

The update is available on the Windows Phone store.

(Twitter mobile photo image via Business Insider.)