New Twitter App Makes Following Fashion a Breeze

If you’re into fashion, you’ll want to check out this new app: ASOS Follows Fashion gives you 140-characters-at-a-time access to fashion’s most influential thinkers.

Visiting ASOS Follows Fashion will present you with a simply laid-out web page that displays fashion-related tweets. The great thing about this page is two-fold: its massive index of fashion thinkers, and its easy-to-navigate categorization.

You can follow Twitter streams of fashion photographers who tweet links to their pictures on Tumblr, read about the daily lives of fashion’s top models, or get insight into the industry from editors of prestigious fashion magazines.

The categories make it easy to choose to follow one, two, or all aspects of the fashion industry that appeal to you most. If you’re interested in the tweets from fashion brands, ASOS has a category for you; if you want to see what really goes on behind the runway curtain, “The Insiders” category covers the models and the talent; and if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the fashion blogosphere, just follow the people in ASOS’s “Bloggers” list.

This is a great resource for anyone interested in nearly any dimension of the fashion industry.