New Twitter App Released For iPhone And Android

When you hit “update” on your smartphone’s Twitter app, get ready for some snazzy new updates – and for your phone to start pinging with additional notifications.

Twitter updated its iPhone and Android app, offering improvements to its discover, search and notifications offerings.

The most interesting update, which we’ll jump into right now, is one that seems to mirror recent Tweetdeck enhancements we told you about – you remember, the changes that help you spy on your followers?

On the Discover tab, you can now see Activity. [Queue spy music.] “Activity,” the Twitter blog tells us, “is a stream of updates that shows which Tweets are favorited or retweeted by the people you follow and which accounts those people follow or add to lists.” Probably more info than you’d need, hmm?

Potentially more useful though, is the ability you’ll now have to “tap any story once to see Tweets about a particular trend or news article. You can then read the entire story or join the conversation by replying, retweeting or favoriting related Tweets.” THAT will be handy to have.

Search has changed to, offering a more streamlined experience. You’ll see suggestions for different spellings and related terms for your queries. And if you’re searching from an iPhone you’ll have the added benefit for seeing your most recent queries.

And in Connect, names will autocomplete with people you follow as you start typing them in. iPhone users win out here again, with the added ability to go directly to someone’s profile when searching for a username in Connect.

And finally, you’ll want to update your notification setttings, as this new update comes with push notifications for Interactions, alerting you immediately when your Tweets have been retweeted or favorited, or when somebody new follows your account.

“Unfortunately,” as this piece from Digital Trends points out, “the one thing Twitter really needs to update is not in this new version: revamped retweet functionality. For some insane reason, Twitter only allows users to either post straight retweets (meaning you cannot edit the tweet at all), or to “Quote Tweet,” which does allow editing, but puts quotation marks around the original tweet.”

Maybe they’ll fix (or finally get rid of) “quotes” the next time around?

(Update image from Shutterstock)