New TV Offerings: Taboos, Victims, Aliens and Dateless on Camera


New shows are popping up like toadstools after a downpour. Some are retreads, such as National Geo.’s Taboo, which promises to show various customs, practices and rituals from around the world that shock, pain, confuse or sometimes delight us. (If they delight us, why are they taboo?)
Seen this a zillion times before.

Mike Fleiss, the schlock-meister of schlock-meisters, has a deal at ABC, and offers up Dream Vote–6 people tell the audience why they deserve to have their dream–new house, breast implants, plasma TV–and the audience and eventually the viewers vote. It’s either Queen for a Day or a college admissions interview.

Sci Fi Channel opted for a pilot of Destination Truth, with host Josh Gates. He whizzes around the globe and investigates previously unexplained, i.e. fake, “sci fi phenomena”.

A&E has three new projects:
Hollywood DMV animated series set at the now-closed office. Hijinks ensue when time-serving clerks meet drunk/stoned/crazy clients.

Alien Encounters is “the first show to tackle the controversial field of unexplained phenomena by investigating paranormal activity with its own objective and highly credible task force.” See above. Don’t they mean “highly credulous?”

Patti Novak: America’s Toughest Matchmaker Cameras follow matchmaker, the matched, and the matchless. Who wants a tough yenta? Don’t you want one who’s easy to please?