“New Toyko Tower” Makes “Old Toyko Tower” Feel Small


Big news late Friday was the announcement that the plans were announced to build the world’s tallest building in Tokyo. Called “New Tokyo Tower” is will rise to 2,013 feet, beating out the current holder of the record, the CN Tower in Toronto, by over a couple hundred feet. But being here in Chicago, we don’t like to hear about such things. It’s too painful to remember a time when we were the top of the top. So, if you’re like us, just completely ignore this story, like we intend to. For the rest of you, here’s some:

The new tower, designed by award winning Japanese architect Tadao Ando and sculptor Kiichi Sumikawa, will stand on a triangular foundation, but its slender body will turn into a cylinder as it stretches upward, its bluish-silver color blending into the sky.

The tower is being built by Japan’s six top broadcasters and is expected to greatly bolster television and radio transmissions in the capital.