New Tools For Your Job Hunt

The Luddites among us (your humble blogger included) are still reeling from Tumblr and Google+, but there’s now a new crop of social tools out there. And some of them could help you in your job search, says Miriam Salpeter at US News and World Report.

Consider Tokkster, a plugin that lets you interact with other people who may be viewing the same websites as you. ” If you spend time on sites geared to your profession, you’ll likely be able to interact with new networking contacts,” Salpeter says. (As creepy as this may seem, don’t worry: Tokkster takes privacy very seriously, and no data is stored.)

StartWire lets you track the status of your job applications, if you’ve applied to one of the 2,600 companies that have signed up to provide automatic status updates with Startwire. If your target company isn’t in the list, you can still use their easy-to-use service to keep track in your own mind of where you’ve sent resumes.

And hot startup Pinterest has interesting ramifications for jobseekers in visual fields, says Salpeter. “For example, if you are an interior designer, you can “pin” information and photos to demonstrate your expertise. You can organize and share information about any subject, especially visually oriented concepts and ideas.”