New To You

New To You

I’ve been doing this Blog thing for two whole weeks now, clearly earning me pro status if you believe what you read in the the papers. We had this crazy Beta thing, which mostly involved me haranguing my friends to read the site, Elizabeth sending in the media elite in (thrilling and terrifiying) and a lot of requests for tips from the approximately 20 readers I had at the time. It was sad, really, like having a tea party with stuffed animals because no one could come out to play.

That’s all over now, but so no one feels left out, I urge you to peruse our archives, wherein you will see that a lot can happen in 10 business days.

Most specifically, I would like to direct you to the posts where I encourage readers to send in tips. I got my very first anonymous tip late last week. It it made me giddy like a teenager and hungry for more, more, more.

A list, by tip topic


More About That Logo, wherein I asked readers to submit questions for my upcoming interview with Design & Branding supah genius Joe Duffy.

He did the Bahamas rebranding, which I am prone to talk about every minute or so. You would too if you hadn’t left the house without at least two layers, hat, scarf, gloves (sometimes TWO pairs) and snow boots for weeks on end. And this is New York City. I’m supposed to be prancing around in Manolos, am I not? Where is my car & driver, damnit. OK, I digress. Read my item about Joe and send your questions to jen AT unbeige DOT com.

Products & Packaging

Nice Package was a confessional item of sorts. I laid bare my proclivity to judge a book, or say a can of sardines, by its cover – I like to think of it as aesthetic consumerism. I asked you, fair readers, to send me snaps of items you keep in your house, just because they’re purty.

Ugly Buildings

Crimes Against Urbanity will be an ongoing series where I post photos of… ugly buildings. There are lots of them. I hear there are plenty in cities aside from NYC.

I want you to send me pictures of them, and tell me what you think. I also want dirt on those builidings. Everyone knows that most new construction projects are awash with community outrage, dirty dealings and unsavory developer types. Bring it on!

Design in General: Good or Bad

In last week’s Eyes, Ears, Underground item I revealed that, for someone who is a media junkie like I am (and I really really am) I miss a bunch of what’s going on because I don’t ride the subway much, and I’m a lazy hermit who hasn’t been on an airplane for much longer than I’d care to admit. In this item, aside from embarrassing myself, I also ask for people to send me stuff from wherever they are. Readers travelling abroad are of particular interest. I might phone a friend to say bon voyage as they are headed off to the Far East, but mostly I want to be sure that they don’t forget their digital camera.

OK, now I am off to caffeinate myself and tend to my insane and increasingly impatient mutt. We’ll come back to you with some piping hot fresh content in mere minutes. On tap for today:

A field report from the Vitra at Home launch party.

More ugly buildings.