New to Twitter? Get in on #FollowFriday!

Every Friday, the Twitterverse comes together to share the best of the best on Twitter with each other – and anyone can get in on this conversation. #FollowFriday, or shortened to simply #FF, is a hashtag that has spawned one of the most popular trends in Twitter’s history. Ever had a follower or followee that you wanted to share with others? Use the #FollowFriday hashtag to hop on the karma train.

#FollowFriday works like this: every Friday, Twitter users join together to share the most active, insightful, funny, creative or just plain awesome people on Twitter with one another. Some people share one or two prime accounts a week, while others go for half a dozen or more.

If you don’t know where to start when looking for people to follow on Twitter, #FollowFriday has you covered. Simply search for #FollowFriday or #FF, and you’ll be swamped with great recommendations for accounts you should follow. Of course, if you search for these hashtags on a Friday, you’ll quickly find yourself swimming in a sea of follows!

You’ll notice that some tweet the reason (“PR folks you need to know” or “My funny Twitter friends”), while others leave you in the dark as to their criteria for recommending these accounts. However, you do know that they took the time out to put the spotlight on these people.

Started by @micah, #FollowFriday has become one of the most popular and consistent trends on Twitter.

If you find some good follows through #FollowFriday, why not share the love? You’ll get good karma points for joining in and recommending your own follows to others. Have fun!

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