SURVEY: 34% of iPad Owners Have Used it While Naked

A recent survey from Brainshark has asked the impertinent questions you have always wondered about: How do people really use their iPads?

1,300 iPad owners were polled and a surprising number are addicted to their tablet. 68 percent of respondents prefer their iPad over a dedicated parking space at work, while nearly 2/3 like having an iPad over having a laptop.  And 47 percent would take the iPad over getting a better or larger office.

Mashable has an infographic after the break, including details about where and how people have used their iPads. The stat about using the iPad on dates is both amusing and not surprising.

Here are a few more Brainshark stats about places people use the iPad:

  • Naked – More than 1 in 3 (34%)
  • On the toilet – 60%
  • In the tub – 21%
  • While walking… and bumped into someone! – 1 in 4 (24%)
  • On vacation – 92%
  • In a plane – 73%
  • At a client meeting – 47%

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