New Survey Shows Educational Requirements on the Rise for Hiring

graduation capJust when you were getting concerned our country is dumbing down a la the new changes to the SAT, educational requirements for employment is putting faith back in America again.

Okay, kinda.

Per a new survey on CareerBuilder, an associate or bachelor’s degree is becoming the new high school diploma.The survey points to 27 percent of employers revealing their educational requirements for hiring have been boosted the past five years. In fact, 30 percent are hiring more college-educated employees for jobs that were previously employed by high school graduates.

Some employers are sending their current workers back to school for additional education such as an advanced degree and more than 80 percent of those employers are providing partial funding at the very minimum. Sweet!

The press release points out, per Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder:

“The economic value of a college education for workers has long been known, but as occupations evolve and as companies rely more heavily on professionals with strong interpersonal and technical skill sets, workers can’t afford to stop their education at high-school. The trend toward higher-educated labor is already paying off for companies. We see that both in our surveys and data analytics research.”

In addition to sporting higher revenue thanks to hiring more educated workers, employers mentioned in the survey they’re also seeing positive results to the tune of higher quality work, boosted productivity, more ideas, better communication and employee retention.

One reason employers are able to hire more degree holders in the past is due to the tight labor market. Competition is tight and the stakes are higher. In addition, in some instances skills for specific positioned have evolved and grown over the past few years and this involves a labor force that’s highly educated.