New Survey Reveals Top Distractions at the Office…Social Media, Anyone?

stop wasting timeIf you think surfing the internet and chatting at the water cooler are top ways to procrastinate, guess what? You’re right.

According to a Robert Half Management Resources survey of top chief financial officers, several time wasters are alive and well in the office.

In fact, 32 percent of executives in the survey indicated non-business online use like social media is the biggest distraction of them all. Talking with colleagues came in second and taking personal phone calls came in third.

Get this — one in 10 execs indicated meetings can drain a significant amount of time. Data pointed to bigger companies as the bigger culprit compared to smaller ones.

Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half, indicated in the press release:

“Chatting with coworkers and attending to personal activities during breaks at the office are acceptable within reason. Balancing professional and personal obligations often requires completing non-work tasks during business hours. But too many distractions can detract from individual and team productivity.”

As a manager if you notice your team is spending too much time on non-work related endeavors, it’s time to dig deeper. Maybe they’re not challenged by the work itself. Maybe there’s too much time on their hands.

He added, “Find the right mix of assignments, and if they’re feeling disengaged, give staff more exciting or challenging projects.”