New Survey Reveals Most Workers Take Short Lunch Breaks

Brown_Bag_LunchIf you’re eating a sandwich at your desk right now with one hand grasping the food while the other one’s navigating a mouse, you’re not alone.

That’s because a new survey released by OfficeTeam reveals almost half of workers indicated their lunch break lasts less than 30 minutes. More than 42 percent revealed they spend their lunchtime socializing with colleagues and 29 percent admitted they work right through their lunch break. Others mentioned the surf social media during this time, catch up on personal calls, run errands or exercise/take a walk.

For the survey workers were asked, “What is the average length of your typical lunch break?” Almost 10 percent revealed it’s less than 10 minutes and on the other end of the spectrum, 38 percent revealed it’s 60 minutes or more.

The numbers are certainly disconcerting but we have to admit, aren’t exactly shocked. We can’t remember the last time we paused to take an entire hour for lunch or any type of break. Can you? Turns out though we may all be missing the boat; that time may be necessary for rebooting our day and putting a little spring in our step.

Per the press release, Robert Hosking, executive director at OfficeTeam, stated, “Lunch breaks aren’t just for eating — they provide time to clear your head and recharge. Workers also can use their lunch breaks to get to know colleagues better and build their professional networks.”

The next time you take a break to grab lunch, please promise us at least once a week you’ll get away from your desk and go for a walk to clear your head, guilt-free.