New Survey Reveals Job Interview Stats: 48 Percent of Employers Google Candidates

If you’re going on an interview soon, listen up. According to a new CareerBuilder survey there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Yes, we know so much has been written and talked about that learning something new on the topic is considered golden!

Their survey conducted in July included 5,518 job seekers and 2,775 hiring managers and highlighted a few numbers to reinforce some of the essentials.

One of the main points included having the mindset to go on an interview prepared to speak to top executives. You never know who you’ll pass in the hallway or who will be available to chat for an impromptu meeting.

Per the survey, the numbers tell all: 38 percent of employers indicated that candidates are actually required to interview with a C-level executive at their company. Hello, COO! Or CEO or CFO, you get the idea.

As for another big reveal from the survey? Well, we have to admit this wasn’t really news to us. Ensure your digital footprint is clean.

Here’s why: approximately 48 percent of employers lean on Google or other search engines to dig up some digital dirt. Facebook isn’t off limits either since 44 percent search that site and 27 percent of recruiters and/or hiring managers search a Twitter feed. Others take a look at Yelp and Glassdoor reviews.

As for the third tip from the survey? The ideal fit. Sure, we may already know this but reinforcement is sometimes a very good thing. Companies look for candidates who fit in well with their culture and organization and in that spirit, so should the job seeker. The survey showed 23 percent of employers dismiss a candidate due to a poor fit; 18 percent eliminate candidates with unrealistically high salary expectations.

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