New Survey Reveals Flexible Work Arrangements are the Norm, Not the Exception

Although Yahoo!’s decision to cut flexible work arrangements certainly got a lot of press, according to new researchers their policy is the exception. That is, results from a Catalyst survey revealed the majority of companies around the world offer some type of telecommuting option. Furthermore, high potential employees with access to flex time are more likely to aspire to the top of the corporate ladder.

They asked MBA graduates around the world who work full-time in profit and non-profit firms about their experiences and perceptions pertaining to flexible arrangements. For starters, 81 percent of participants reported their employers offer some type of flexible work arrangement. This could range from flexible arrival or departure times along with condensed work weeks, part-time hours and job sharing. This applied around the world for large and small companies as well as for-profit and non-profit ones.

Broken down by gender, research indicated that women and men both use flex options throughout their careers. Although they both rely on flexible work options, women are more likely to telecommute. Overall researchers concluded flexible work arrangements are certainly the norm.