New Survey Reveals Executives Think Working Remotely Stagnates a Career

A new survey published by the Korn/Ferry Institute revealed the majority of executives think telecommuting stalls a career. Plus, one-fifth of participants think telecommuter salaries should be less than employees who work in a brick and mortar office.

According to the press release, Ana Dutra, chief executive officer of Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, explained, “While some high-profile companies have stepped away from telecommuting, our survey shows that most enterprises still see it as an important way to drive productivity, increase retention and demonstrate inclusion in the workplace. It is all about driving responsibility and accountability, whether a person works in the office or at home.”

Almost 80 percent of the executives in the survey indicated their companies permit telecommuting and 94 percent of respondents mentioned telecommuting is an important, viable option for working parents.

That said, more than half (60 percent), indicated telecommuting stagnates career growth. For example, it lacks visibility.

Dutra added, “While working at home can be beneficial for both companies and workers, it can also lead to ‘invisibility’ that can limit opportunities for career advancement. It is important for telecommuters to remain networked as closely as possible with peers and leaders in the office.”