New Survey Reveals Cautious Hiring in the New Year

2013 calendarHappy New Year, dear MediaJobsDaily readers! We’re happy to be back in the zone and hope you are as well.

In the spirit of job news, this just in from CareerBuilder…their annual forecast remains cautious though we’d like to think of it as cautiously optimistic.

Here’s why: 24 percent of companies in their poll indicated they’ll add full-time employees this coming year. It’s down two percentage points from last year but we still think 24 percent is a pretty decent number.

Per the survey though it sounds like things may be at a plateau until the debt ceiling is resolved this quarter. Almost one in four employers indicated they’ll hire at a slower rate or they won’t even expand until the ceiling has been resolved.

In the press release, Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, indicated:

“The general sentiment shared by employers whom CareerBuilder talks to every day is that there will be a better job market in 2014. What we saw in our survey was reluctance from some employers to commit to adding jobs until the outcomes of debt negotiations and other issues affecting economic expansion are clearer.  As these stories play out and employers find their footing in the New Year, there is greater potential for the average monthly job creation in 2014 to exceed that of 2013.”

As for job creation itself, the hot areas will likely be in science, technology, engineering and math. More than one in four employers in the survey revealed they’ll create jobs in these areas over the next calendar year.

The report also indicated trends for the upcoming year including the rise in part-time hiring, onshoring jobs (bringing jobs back to the U.S. after they were previously offshored), companies recruiting in high school and companies building their current staff via training.

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