New Survey Introduces Tool to Measure Employers’ Social Media Reach

Have you ever followed a potential employer on Facebook or Twitter and engaged in conversations? According to Maximum Employment Marketing Group, their new survey introduced an objective and fact-based tool to measure effectiveness of employers’ reach to candidates on social media, better known as the Social Recruitment Monitor. The survey revealed top companies utilizing social media and in turn, explained how the monitor works.

Taco Bell and Northrop Grumman topped the list out of 109 U.S. companies because they were most effective in generating likes/follows, engagement and community interaction with their audiences. The SRM is currently free to use whereby employers can determine the impact of their social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

In a press release, Ed Barzilaij, CEO of Maximum explained, “Having social media is no longer enough. These channels need to be purpose-driven and actionable to serve the greater objectives of their existence. We can only know if they are meeting those goals if we monitor, measure and compare.”

So, how exactly is interaction measured? Weighted variables determine a company’s popularity, activity as well as interaction. It doesn’t just boil down to likes and followers; the tool analyzes likes, comments, shares and community interaction and engagement ratios on an SRM Index Score.

Essentially, companies can see how they’re doing on a week-to-week basis and also compare themselves to competitors relying on the SRM Index as a metric. For instance, the average weekly SRM Index of U.S. employers using Facebook reveal a score of 14.10. Northrop Grumman toppled that number with their score of 35.10. Most employers post to Facebook approximately 6.2 times each week; the average engagement ratio score per the model is less than one percent.