New Study Shows Men Prefer Being the Boss More Than Women

company sizeAccording to a new study, men like to be in charge at the office more than women. Researchers at Harvard’s Department of Evolutionary Biology reviewed co-authored publications in order to determine how likely it would be for two professors of the same position to work together.

Well, they looked at studies at 50 universities in North America and calculated the likelihood of working together in a co-authorship situation as it related to the number of professors in that department.

Here’s what they found — male professors were more likely than their female counterparts to collaborate with an assistant professor of the same gender. Essentially, this would be working with someone below their current level. This is in comparison to female professors who were more likely to work with professors at the same level.

According to a piece in Time, the results aren’t really shattering. Past studies have shown that women prefer to work in groups and that men prefer to be in charge.

Researchers concluded, “Female superiors may also be less willing than male superiors to invest in lower-ranked same-sex individuals.”