New Study Shows Majority of Employers Catch Lies on Resume

ImproveJobProspectsIf you’ve been fibbing ever so slightly on your resume, a fib is still a fib no matter how big or small.

And according to a new CareerBuilder survey, it’s pretty likely you’ll get caught; 58 percent of hiring managers in the survey mentioned they have caught a lie.

As for repercussions, half of employers indicated they would automatically dismiss a candidate if they caught a lie whereas 40 percent mentioned it really depends on what the candidate actually lied about. Seven percent revealed they would overlook the fib if they liked the candidate.


Per the press release, CareerBuilder’s vice president of human resources Rosemary Haefner explained:

“Trust is very important in professional relationships, and by lying on your resume, you breach that trust from the very outset. If you want to enhance your resume, it’s better to focus on playing up tangible examples from your actual experience. Your resume doesn’t necessarily have to be the perfect fit for an organization, but it needs to be relevant and accurate.”

Relevant and accurate for sure since common fabrications include embellishing a skill set as well as responsibilities, employment dates, job titles, academic degrees and accolades/awards.

As for some of the most unusual (dare we say humorous?) lies, in the survey one employer revealed an applicant included job experience that was actually his father’s! Both the father and son had the same name.

In another instance, one candidate said he was the assistant to the prime minister of a foreign country. Oh, did we mention? That particular country doesn’t have a prime minister.

Lastly, one job seeker claimed he was a construction supervisor. As the interviewer dug deeper, it turned out the bulk of his experience related to completing a doghouse several years ago. Ba-da-dum.