New Study Shows Companies Expect Demand for Middle-Skills Jobs to Increase

CommunityJournalismBLogFIThis just in…global consulting firm Accenture released data today referencing a job candidate pool that’s often overlooked.

The majority of the American companies surveyed struggle to fill middle-skills jobs. That is, jobs requiring more education than a high school degree but less than a four-year college diploma.

Human resources executives from 18 different industries participated in the survey and 73 percent revealed an uptick in demand for middle-skill workers over the next two to three years. The main challenge? Per the press release, they typically have to hire workers with more education than required on the job description in order to tap into the caliber of talent they need.

Here’s a potential disconnect — they want this category of workers to be ready to go and hit the ground running from day one. Only 22 percent of executives in the survey said they will always consider bringing in talent to get additional training when a job becomes hard to fill.

Overall, the lack of talent directly impacts corporate performance. Check this out — nearly 7 out of 10 respondents revealed the middle-skills shortage has impacted their performance. More than one-third believe the lack of middle-skills workers has undermined their own productivity as leaders.

So, now that we know this gap exists, what can be done about it?

Per the press release, companies should build the talent pipeline by partnering with community colleges and technical schools. And if you’re a job seeker in this middle-skills category, connect with local schools as well as community organizations to get in that pipeline as soon as possible.