New Study Says Spouses Influence Employee Satisfaction & Employer Loyalty

According to a new study, if you’re married, your spouse’s perception has a significant influence on your own job satisfaction and employer loyalty.

Researchers surveyed a national consulting firm’s employees and their spouses and determined that your spouse can influence how you view the company. 

Dr. Julie Holliday Wane spearheaded the project and told Forbes:

“We know that employees have attitudes toward their jobs, toward their companies. We care about those attitudes because they influence things like performance, how willing employees are to go above and beyond the call of duty, and how likely they are to quit their jobs. We were interested in, ‘If the spouse develops these attitudes toward the firm, does that influence the employee?’ And what our research tells us is, ‘Yes.’”

Essentially, the spouse develops an attitude through the employee and then influences the employee as well. Per the piece, researchers hope this study will influence employers to develop family-friendly policies and understand the demands they place on workers,

Although the study created quantifiable results, Wane admitted, “When I tell people about this study. They’re like, ‘Yeah, I knew that.’”