New Study Says Monday is Best Day to Look for New Job

MondayIf you’re looking for a job today, per a new study, you’re definitely onto something.

Bright released a report after analyzing more than 500,000 job applications and more than 15 million views on its site. At least 30 percent of job seekers move onto the next round in the hiring process when they applied on a Monday. The least successful day? Saturday.

Keep in mind the study excludes jobs that don’t even need resumes such as jobs in construction. Also, although many job seekers (37 percent) apply for a new gig on Tuesdays, 20 percent advance to the next round. Although the results don’t explain why Monday job seekers have a high success rate, their numbers simply report they do.

Perhaps it’s a case of the early bird getting the worm. The sooner the job is posted, the sooner applicants should get on it and hit submit! As time goes on, resumes tend to accumulate in the applicant tracking system and are easier to get lost in the shuffle from other resumes previously submitted.