New Study Says Exercising Increases Your Paycheck

Who would have thought that exercising not only reduces your waistline but increases your paycheck?

Well, according to a new study published in the Journal of Labor Research, regular exercise is linked to higher salaries.

Employees who exercise regularly earn nine percent more than their colleagues who don’t get their groove on. Although this study reveals a stronger link between exercise and earning than studies in the past, it’s sometimes difficult to prove because exercise regularly may be linked to discipline which may result in working more diligently, hence a bigger pay check.

Regular exercise in this study is defined as working out at least three hours each week. As pointed out by TIME, the average hourly wage is $23.41 and the time employees spend at the gym is valued at $70.23. As for the extra pay the buff employee receives? It’s $84.28 which is equivalent to about 20 percent more than the value of time spent at the gym.