New Study Says Employees Feeling ‘Companionate Love’ Are More Engaged

heartWhat’s love got to do with it?

Apparently everything. According to a new study to be published in Administrative Science Quarterly, love at work is extremely influential for workplace outcomes.

The more loved employees feel at work, the more engaged they are with their work. Now, we’re not talking romantic love. Rather, it’s “companionate love” based on warmth affection and connection instead of passion.

Employees who perceive greater affection and care from their colleagues actually perform better so why aren’t more managers and corporate cultures focused on strengthening this emotion?

Per the study, employees who felt they worked in a caring culture showed up to work more often than those who felt they worked in an unloving environment. The former group also reported higher levels of teamwork and satisfaction.

And although it took place in a long-term care environment, researchers followed up with their initial findings to conduct a study in seven different industries. Results did not differ. High job satisfaction was linked to people who felt they could freely express affection, tenderness, caring and compassion.