New Study Reveals One-Third of Professionals Feel Uncomfortable Negotiating

Got bank? Most people don’t. And by that we mean the ability to negotiate their own salary or hourly/project rate.

A recent global study conducted by LinkedIn revealed that across the board, overall 34 percent of 2,000 professionals respondents indicated they feel confident about negotiating. Although 10 percent felt negotiations are “exciting” and another 10 percent were indifferent, the bulk were pretty anxious about asking for and therefore, ultimately getting paid what they’re worth.

Among the eight countries surveyed, Brazilians indicated they were the most frightened by negotiating. As for the Germans, they have the most positive outlook — 21 percent felt excited about negotiating and 43 percent felt confident.

India ranked as the most confident country with 47 percent of respondents indicating they feel confident. South Koreans felt the most indifferent. So, where do Americans fall on this list? In the most anxious category at 39 percent!

More than one out of five respondents indicated that negotiating is similar to – wait for it – a game of poker! Here’s why: Players are forced to make moves based on incomplete information. Apparently job seekers agreed with this sentiment when negotiating their own deal.

The study also broke down results by gender: 37 percent of men overall felt more confident about negotiating compared to 26 percent of women.

Selena Rezvani, author of the book PUSHBACK: How Smart Women Ask—And Stand Up—For What They Want, told LinkedIn, “While it’s true that there’s a flat-out fear of negotiating among a percentage of professionals, all of us can benefit from getting smarter about making requests at work.”

So, how can we get smarter and better? Prepare, prepare, prepare. “Whether that means consulting a salary calculator, conferring with a second-degree connection on LinkedIn to learn your counterpart’s style, or using a negotiating app on your phone for practice, careful preparation is a worthy investment of your time.”