New Study Reveals Mental Health Improvements After Unemployment Begins

Want the scoop on mental health and job searching? Or better yet, how it relates to unemployment and landing a new media job?

The Wall Street Journal pointed out the results of a new study which showed mental health improvements almost three months after unemployment. While this is indeed good news, this time frame represents the period after the potential shock of a pink slip has occurred but before dead-end job leads have started to accumulate.

Connie Wanberg, professor of organizational and work behavior at the University of Minnesota, led the study which was published in the April/May issue of The Academy of Management Journal.

Results revealed the average laid-off employee has an improvement in mental health. That is, until it starts reversing after the 10 to 12-week period after the unemployment period commenced.

Survey participants actually seemed to be doing better with their job searches when they reported better mental health.

So, what can job seekers take away from the research on a macro level? First off, it seems normal to have a pity party about three months into the search. Second, on a lighter note, it seems the happier you feel, the less down-and-out hearted you are, the more effective you’ll be while networking and pursuing job leads. The higher your spirits, the more intense the job search, the better the results.

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