new Study Reveals Kids Who Read More are Better Readers

The UK based National Literacy Trust has recently released a the results of a study. After testing over 18 thousand children in the UK, the Trust concluded that the ones who read more books each month were also better readers.

Sorry for the obviousness of the title; that’s really what the report says.

The survey notes that 15% of children read less than 1 book each month and 10% read 10 or more books each month. It also notes that 80% of heavy readers tested above grade level for reading while only 30% of the casual readers tested as high.

There was one new and not-obvious piece of data in the report. Text-messaging appears to have a multiplier effect on the non-reader.  Children who didn’t read fiction but did IM were more likely to have poor reading skills (10% vs 5%).

The National Literacy Trust is a registered charity in the UK and it’s calling on the populace to donate money so it can create new literacy programs and help children learn to read. National Literacy Trust Director, Jonathan Douglas, says: “We are working tirelessly to ensure that all children develop a love of reading and the skills they need for success throughout life. Members of the public can support our work by making a donation. Just £7 a month could pay for a child to attend an inspirational reading event and choose a book to keep.”