New Study Reveals Journalists Can’t Live Without Social Media

Sometimes surveys reveal something new and innovative, other times not so much.

According to a new survey conducted by the U.K. version of Cision, journalists are more reliant on social media for certain tasks and are using a greater extent of social media than a year ago.

Approximately 39 percent of respondents indicated social media has improved their productivity. (Note:  Respondents were all based in the U.K.) As for their most popular social media site? Twitter.

However, the study revealed a downward trend regarding engagement with an audience. Engaging an audience online decreased to 27 percent from 43 percent.

In addition, journalists tend to be more active users in social media and creating content than other active users. Indicating different professionals from various industries leverage social media differently, overall the largest Twitter user is one who finds contacts, networks, limits one’s contributions to content while having a high number of followers.

Tom Ritchie, Managing Director Cision UK, commented in the survey results: “Our previous studies confirmed that social media usage is standard for UK journalists. It seems that sourcing information has overtaken self-promotion as their primary social activity, and I wonder if this is related to the expressed anxiety over privacy and Big Data.”