New Study Reveals High Schoolers are More Career-Minded Than College Students

graduation capThis just in…a new study published by Millennial Branding and revealed that high school students are more career- minded and entrepreneurial than college students.

Check this out — half of the participants of the study are in high school internship programs (yes, you read that right) and more of them are seeking volunteer experiences than college students. Employers agree that internships give high schoolers an inside edge in order to get into better colleges, better college internships and higher paying jobs.

Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding and New York Times bestselling author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success, told us:

“In today’s economy, students have to start building their careers in high school in order to better compete in the college admissions process, for college internships and eventually full-time jobs. By gaining work experience in high school, you will be more confident in your major and career selection in college and have a competitive advantage throughout the rest of your life.”
In addition, Schawbel said from an employer perspective, companies build brand awareness early by offering internships to high schoolers. They’ll be able to fill their talent pipelines and “be able to remain competitive in their marketplace.”
As for specific findings from the report, parents are pushing their kids to focus on careers during their high school years but they’re not exactly helping them out. More than half of the high school students reported their parents put pressure on them to gain professional experience yet they’re not helping them.
And when it comes to entrepreneurialism, 72 percent of high school students and 64 percent of college students want to start a business someday; 61 percent of high schoolers and 43 percent of collegians prefer to become an entrepreneur instead of working for corporate America.
We found the most important gem related to conversion rates. That is, companies report that high school internships turn into college internships and jobs: 70 percent of companies said high school students who complete their internship programs are very or completely likely to land a college internship with the same company.

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