New Study Casts Doubt On Viability Of Mobile Ads, And By Extension, All Those Mobile Jobs

App Store
A new survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 47 percent of mobile app users click on ads accidentally more often than they do on purpose.

We can understand that. Smartphone screens are not that big and our fingers are not that small and accidents happen.

But if those ad click rates are totally overinflated because a quarter or more of clicks are unintentional, what does that mean for the mobile industry?

By the way, these numbers aren’t just proving some well-worn trope about old technophobes making mistakes on their shiny new devices. Sixty one percent of mobile app users in the coveted 18-34 demographic click on ads more often by accident than on purpose.

Earlier this month Folio: reported that the Financial Times has generated $2 million in ad revenue from its iPad app, but that other publishers haven’t yet found the sweet spot. And without any reliable third-party measure of ad success for mobile and tablets, advertisers may have no choice but to take the Harris survey at face value.