New Sports Mag Caters to Professional Athletes

When we think about advertisers in today’s magazine climate, it’s usually with a cringe and a shake of the head. Times just aren’t what they used to be, and the revenue from ads is depleted with little hope of recovery in 2010.

Yet there is one way that publishers can still hope to finagle big dollars from advertisers, and that’s by catering their product to a niche market. At least that’s what Athlete’s Quarterly — a new sports magazine written by and for the people who actually play professional sports — is hoping.

Though the source of funding for AQ remains a mystery, former Condé Nast editor Michael Dolan has been tapped as the magazine’s editor, the premiere issue of which was sent to the homes of 22,000 pro athletes. Even with only three advertisers, Dolan claims the magazine is already in the black.

According to CNBC, “With a reader averaging in the $2 million salary range…there’s no shortage of high-end products to pitch in his magazine.” And with everyone else in the industry running in the opposite direction (towards a reader-based revenue model), AQ‘s reliance on its small, elite audience to bring in more advertisers almost seems like a novel idea. Let’s see if it works.

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