New Source-to-journalist Matching Service Launches

rc2_footer_img_left.gif launched today to provide “connect busy journalists with experts available for interviews.” The journalist-to-source matching service is owned by Bradley Communications, a b2b publishing company in the Philadelphia suburbs owned by Bill and Steve Harrison.

ReporterConnection competes directly with HARO and Profnet, and boasts a database of 51,000 sources at launch, drawn from Bradley Com’s other products, including “Radio-TV Interview Report” (RTIR). RTIR is a twice-monthly magazine where broadcast producers can find ideas for guests.

ReporterConnection differs from other services in that it pulls pitches through the site–journalist emails are not published, thus diminishing off-topic fishing expeditions.

It’s a good idea though the verdict is out. This is Bradley’s only foray in to free products. It’s intended as a cross-seller and we would guess, a way to build and freshen the company’s database. I used RTIR ages ago. It was inexpensive at the time, and good for lifestyle topics. Perhaps that’s the market Bradley is looking for with ReporterConnection, though HARO has a massive headstart.