New Sony Readers to Bundle Harry Potter?

The Register is reporting that the next Sony Readers will have the entire Harry Potter series when they hit store shelves this fall. According to its sources, the new Sony Readers will have the series some time in November, just in time for the Christmas season. There’s no word on price or exactly which countries the bundle will be sold in.

I would recommend taking this report with a grain of salt. The Register is not very careful about getting the details right; I’ve caught them in obvious mistakes before.

On the other hand, it is very likely that Sony plans to release a new Sony Reader this fall. And Sony was one of the early partners for Pottermore. It’s been involved since day one and this could be why. It’s entirely possible that Sony assisted just so it could get this kind of exclusive, which makes excellent business sense.

I have contacted Sony and requested a comment; if and when I hear back I will post Sony’s response here.

Sony is very excited about the overall marketing partnership with J.K Rowling’s newest project, Pottermore, and as we have previously announced, the site will be an outlet for Sony products designed for Potter fans. We have previously said that Reader might be a logical product category for a partnership,  however we have not yet released any details about any new Sony Readers, including any Pottermore related products, and any details being reported are purely speculative. When we do have Sony Reader or Pottermore news, we will share the details with you.