New Sony Reader Launched With EverNote, Facebook Support

For a while now FCC paperwork and leaks have given rise to rumors that Sony was working on a new ereader. Those rumors were put to rest today with the launch of the Sony Reader PRS-T2.

This ereader looks much the same as the previous model, and it even has the same screen, touchscreen, storage, and other specs. It even appears to be running Android, just like its predecessor. And while it does lack the headphone jack found on the previous model, it also gained a couple new software features.

I’ve been reading the user manual today, and I’ve already noticed a couple features I like.  The first and most obvious is Facebook support. You’re going to be able to share excerpts and notes from the T2 direct to Facebook. That’s nice, but given that many other readers have similar support it’s not an amazing feature. But the new Evernote integration is.

The new Sony Reader is going to be able to upload your notes to Evernote. You’re also going to be able to download existing notebooks generated elsewhere and read them as Epub.  You can also upload all the notes on your T2 as well as any web address in the browser.

If you’re coming from the viewpoint of a tablet user, this isn’t amazing news. But as someone who loves ereaders I think it is. Sony has developed some amazing annotation abilities for their ereaders, and now they’re making it easier to save those notes elsewhere.

That is almost enough to overcome the disappointing lack of improvements in the hardware, and I’m looking forward to trying it.