New Social Shopping App Promises No More Last Minute Shopping Mistakes

WouldTheyLike? puts the social in social shopping for Facebook users. Minimize gift shopping mistakes for friends and family by getting personalized shopping guidance from your own social network.

The new beta version of WouldTheyLike? is a social shopping platform for Facebook users, and comes just in time for the holidays. The WouldTheyLike? tool allows shoppers to get personalized advice for gift buying directly from their friends and family via their Facebook account. Getting personal advice will eliminate mistakes during the last minute shopping frenzy, and should save you some time

Aside from the wide array of benefits that shopping online can bring, nothing has been able to beat the social aspect of shopping in a brick and mortar store. WouldTheyLike? is looking to bridge that gap by allowing shoppers to get direct feedback from Facebook friends. The social side of shopping is something that president of ONEsite, Thad Martin understands:

“Offline, shopping is inherently a social activity. WouldTheyLike? takes that key social aspect online and provides a fun, simple way to solicit feedback from a recipient’s circle of friends and helps you buy better gifts,”
“We are just beginning to explore what social media and Web 2.0 can bring to shoppers. WouldTheyLike? is a great way for consumers to take advantage of the ready availability of their friends on Facebook to get advice about gift ideas.”

WouldTheyLike? works by having you log into your Facebook account directly through the social shopping app and share the URL of the product. WouldTheyLike? then gathers key information on the product such the product image, description and price. You then select the friend or family member you are shopping for and the ones that are best able to provide feedback on the item. You will be notified of comments posted about the product.
This seems to be the bread and butter of social shopping tools, and they’re coming out day after day. We’ll be keeping an eye on emerging innovators.