New Social Networking Cigarettes — Yes, You Read That Right — Detect Nearby Smokers

Cigarettes use to be so cool! If you smoked, you were the coolest person in any social gathering. If you didn’t smoke, you were anti-social. Now, after extensive research on the health risks of smoking and second hand smoke, smoking isn’t cool anymore. Passing buildings downtown I see smokers standing lonely outside since smoking is banned in many government buildings, bars, restaurants and other customary locations where smokers used to puff away indoors.

But now, smokers can use a new hand-held device designed to help smokers find each other – and it might even help them kick the habit. Let me introduce you to the “blu Smart Pack,” the world’s first social networking cigarette package, which is used with an e-cigarette.

If you are smoker, I am sure you are familiar with e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes deliver nicotine-laced water vapor instead of tobacco smoke. Perhaps you saw Johnny Depp suck on an e-cigarette in the movie The Tourist.

The social networking e-cigarette blu has a rechargeable package that connects wirelessly to social networking sites and even flashes a blue light and vibrates if it detects other users nearby. Sounds like an orgasmic way to meet fellow smokers.

“You’ll meet more people than ever, just because of the wow factor,” Jason Healy, the company’s founder told the New York Times.

When a blu smoker lights up and his cigarette pack lights up or vibrates at the same time, he knows he is not alone. He soon meets another blu smoker.  They can socialize while they puff on nicotine-laced water vapor.  If they want, they can talk about kicking the habit. The package goes on sale in June, costing $80 for five rechargeable e-cigarettes.